Small Business Apps That Are Huge Timesavers

launch date — September 22, 2020

As a small business owner, you’re wearing all of the hats. You’re probably your own accountant, project manager, administrative assistant, photographer, social media manager & everything else, too. Timesavers can make a world of difference because all those extra minutes add up!

If there is anything that’s going to save you some time during your day, it’s probably worth looking into, right? We’ve compiled a quick list of some apps we use on a day-to-day basis that are huge timesavers for us!

Google Drive

How many times have you been searching for a specific document on your computer only to give up when you can’t find it? We use Google Drive to organize all of our documents. We can also share them with each other so they’re always easy to find when we need them. With their ever-expanding G-Suite, they have tools for everything you could need. Documents, spreadsheets, video calls, task lists, and more.

The collaboration aspect is a huge timesaver, also. Our team can work on the same documents without having to send things back and forth via email.


This may seem like a trivial one, but how much time do you think you’ve spent trying to get your Instagram caption spaced correctly? This app allows you to format your caption and add emojis. Once you’re done, it will add invisible spacers so your caption will format correctly on Instagram!

They have both desktop and mobile versions available! We found Insta-Space last year and have never looked back. In addition, to being a timesaver, it’s saved us many headaches.


Canva is a pretty popular tool these days, but if there’s a chance that someone out there doesn’t know about it, it’s worth sharing! This is a super user-friendly graphic design tool that makes creating social media posts and other graphics a breeze.

Canva continues to expand its offerings year over year and the platform has consistently improved to keep up with the times. For our team, it’s helpful that they offer collaborative designs as well. They also have a mobile version that allows you to edit your designs right on your phone.


We’re new to Flodesk, but we’re seriously obsessed. We’ve used Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and now Flodesk. When it comes to having beautifully designed emails, Flodesk absolutely takes the cake. You can search their designs by what the purpose of your email is, and they have preloaded design elements that will make your emails stand out from the rest.

Once you send out your email, you can take a peek at their mobile app to see how your email is performing with your audience. This timesaver will have you sending out flawless emails in no time! If you’ve been considering joining and email platform, we’d definitely recommend trying it out!


As timesavers go, having an app that integrates with your computer is huge. When we are pulling over hashtags for our Instagram captions, we pull out our notes app and copy & paste one of the hashtag groups we’ve created. Not sure what we mean by hashtag groups? Head over to our hashtag breakdown blog!

We’re Apple users, so the Notes app on iPhone also has a feature now where you can have a collaborative note with your contacts. This is helpful for us when we’re on the go and have to get social media posts out.

When it comes to saving time as an entrepreneur, every minute counts. We highly recommend taking advantage of these technologies that you have at your fingertips! We’re huge proponents of working smarter not harder, and these apps are a great place to start.

*This post contains affiliate links, but we promise we wouldn’t recommend anything we don’t actually use ourselves!