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ShowIt Website Launch – Makripodis Olive Oil

Filed in Website Design — May 28, 2020

In 1980, Mike Makripodis’ father and family started out by planting 220 olive trees on the isle of Crete, Greece. Since then they have purchased and planted many more. The Makripodis family harvest the fields every year. The olives are picked, pressed, & then the oil is separated from the pulp. What remains is 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. Gia and John came to us wanting an up-to-date website where they could sell their products and showcase the history of their brand.

Highlights from Makripodis Olive Oil’s Custom Brand and Showit Website Design

  • Firstly, Makripodis Olive Oil’s site features an on-brand color scheme that makes visitors want to cook something tasty. 
  • Secondly, animated rotation of customer feedback helps clients understand why they should choose Makripodis. The text above the testimonials describes this family-owned company’s values of care and attention for their products. 
  • Finally, we created a customized shopping experience and Shopify integration.

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