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10 Tips for Getting Started with Instagram Reels

March 18, 2021

How is it March already when it was just March? It seems almost impossible that we’ve all been living through this pandemic for a full year. This time last year, we had no idea how drastically all of our lives were about to change. Much like any other year, there has come a series of […]

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Business Tools, Website Design

ShowIt or Squarespace: Which Is For Me?

March 3, 2021

With so many website platforms out there, how do you know where to start when it comes to choosing? Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to be comparing the different popular platforms to ShowIt. We’ll start with Squarespace. We’ve built websites in Squarespace before (like this one and this one for […]

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Business Tools

Meet our spring intern, Julia!

February 24, 2021

We are super excited to welcome Julia Campana, our 2021 spring intern, to the team! Julia is excited to learn more about website design and the specifics that go into running a web design agency. _ Hi I’m Julia!   I’m a 21-year-old from Pittsburgh, born and raised! As of now, I’m thriving in the Southside and you can […]

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Showit, Website Design

Styling and Embedding a Flodesk Form In ShowIt

February 11, 2021

If you’re looking to add your mailing list sign-up form to your website, you’re in the right place! Follow along in the video, or read the steps below, to add a Flodesk form to your Showit site. Getting Started First, you’re going to want to log into both your Showit and Flodesk accounts. Once you’re […]

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Business Tools, Website Design

Check Your Website for Broken Links

February 11, 2021

Right now, it probably feels almost impossible to keep track of everything. Sometimes you might even forget what day it is. (Okay, we’re guilty of that, too). However, we have something that should be at the top of every small business’s priority list. Make sure that everything on your website is up to date and […]

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Business Tools

Meet Our Winter Intern, Kate!

November 18, 2020

We are so thrilled to welcome Kate Hollenbeck to the team as our 2020 Winter Intern! During her interview, Kate impressed us with her honesty (something we pride ourselves on at Waterloo Street), her professionalism, and her eagerness to learn all things marketing–related. With all things COVID still affecting our day-to-day, we haven’t had the […]

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Website Design

Custom Website – Kelclight: A Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

November 12, 2020

Yesterday we celebrated the redesign of Kelclight’s new Showit website! Kelsey is a fashion & lifestyle blogger from Pittsburgh. ⁣We are so excited for her and her stunning new website. 😍 It’s fun & spunky and fits her personality so well!  VISIT LIVE SITE

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Brand & Marketing Strategy, Business Tools, Website Design

Five Ideas For Google Font Pairings

October 9, 2020

When you start creating a brand, there are so many factors to consider and design assets to gather. Most people think about the logo first, brand colors, services, etc. One aspect that many people forget to focus on when creating their brand: fonts! Font pairings have a huge impact on how people perceive your brand. […]

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Brand & Marketing Strategy, Business Tools

Small Business Apps That Are Huge Timesavers

September 22, 2020

As a small business owner, you’re wearing all of the hats. You’re probably your own accountant, project manager, administrative assistant, photographer, social media manager & everything else, too. Timesavers can make a world of difference because all those extra minutes add up! If there is anything that’s going to save you some time during your […]

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