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Tips to Improve Your Live Social Broadcast


Facebook Live. Instagram Live. IGTV. It’s becoming more and more clear to us that video is not only “in,” but it’s here to stay. With all things digital on the rise, our hunch is that people are missing the person-to-person interaction! Don’t worry – there’s an app for that. Actually, there are multiple!

Whether you’re broadcasting from Facebook, Instagram, or another platform, it’s important to know what your goals are beforehand. Read on for some tips to ensure a successful broadcast that will wow your audience and promote continued engagement even after your video ends.

Have A Plan

While some people may enjoy utilizing live video to speak freely about the topic that’s on their mind that day, as a business, you should be strategic about your broadcast. It should have a purpose, whether it’s discussion of a certain topic, covering an event, or hosting a webinar. You should have a set length and an agenda of items you’d like to cover throughout the live broadcast.

While this might seem like it could take away from the authenticity of the video, your audience will thank you if you have a well thought-out timeline, so they can get the information (or entertainment) they came for and log off. Don’t be afraid to switch it up if you’re not seeing the engagement you were hoping for, though. There’s often beauty in spontaneity!

Test Sound & Video Quality

It’s hard to anticipate what issues may happen once you hit “Go Live,” but here are some precautionary measures you can take to ensure your broadcast goes smoothly:

  • Record a tester video beforehand to determine sound and quality of your video.
  • Try choosing a clean and aesthetically pleasing background so you don’t distract the viewers from your message.
  • Film next to a space with lots of natural lighting, so your viewers can see you clearly.

These couple tips will help to keep the technical issues at bay!

Generate Hype

Build up anticipation surrounding your live broadcast, so you can maximize your amount of viewers. Let your audience know exactly when you’ll be going live! You can share teasers or sneak peeks into the exciting information you’re planning to share during the broadcast.

If you have someone that could be featured as a special guest during your live broadcast, you can mention this to your followers ahead of time to pique their interest. The more excited people are about your upcoming broadcast, the larger you audience will be and the higher possibility that your broadcast will provide you with ongoing engagement!


ENGAGEMENT.  Do we sound like a broken record yet? The most important aspect of any social media strategy is ENGAGEMENT. There’s a reason why you’re broadcasting live, rather than prerecording a video to share with your followers at a later time and date. People can tune in, comment, or like your video in real-time!

Ask questions to encourage engagement from your followers. Set aside a specific amount of time to answer their questions if it’s applicable to your broadcast. That way, you can read their questions directly from the comments section. Answer them as if you were having a conversation with them in person!

Reward Viewers

Reward viewers so they know that every time you do a live video they know it’s worth their undivided attention. Some ideas would be to offer early access to a certain product or service, or give a discount code that can be used for a future purchase! For example, you could start off the video by saying “stay until the end to receive a special offer.” This way, your viewers will hopefully stick around until the end.

By providing your live audience with a reward, you are building success for future videos. Your audience will be sure to tune into for the chance at another freebie.

We’ve said it time and time again, but we’re going to say it one more time (and probably more times in the future) – be authentic! You are unique, just because you’re you. Let your personality and/or brand shine through during the video and let your audience members in on the secrets that make you the best in the business.

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