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Looking to Grow Your Instagram in 2018? Here’s What You Should Know.


Instagram is the fastest growing social network with more than 800 million active monthly users. If you are a small business or entrepreneur who isn’t on Instagram yet, you should be (like, yesterday).

Are you looking to put more focus on your Instagram strategy in 2018? Here are 6 tips for maximizing your reach on the social platform.


Using hashtags on Instagram makes your content discoverable and increases your chances of user engagement. The hashtags you use should be relevant to the content you’re posting. Take advantage of Instagram’s 30 hashtags per post. This will give you the most opportunity to be discovered.

Use low competition hashtags. Be strategic when deciding on hashtags and always choose tags that describe your business and appeal to your target audience.

Check out our 2018 Hashtag Guide if you’re looking for hashtag inspiration!


Instagram Stories are the easiest way to maintain visibility in your followers’ feeds! While Instagram’s new algorithm could reduce the number of times you appear in your followers’ feeds, Stories allow you to stay top of mind appearing at the very top of their feed. Content ideas include: taking your followers behind the scenes, new product teasers, event promotion, and demonstrations. (Tip: Add geo-tags and hashtags to your Stories when appropriate too!)


Posts with a location have 79% more engagement than those without. When someone searches for, or clicks on, a specific geotag, all of the posts that have tagged that location will appear.

This can help target your desired audience by reaching people who are in your area, or those who frequent the same coffee shops, restaurants, and events as you. (Tip: This is also a good way to discover the Instagram users that your brand should engage with!)


Although having an aesthetically pleasing feed is extremely important, there is another way that you can grab the attention of your audience — captions. We don’t mean short and sweet captions consisting of a phrase with a few emojis. We mean well thought out captions with a specific message you want to convey to your target audience.

Think of a caption like a mini blog post. If you aren’t utilizing captions as a way to share more information about your brand, you’re missing out on the opportunity to draw in new followers in a way that you can’t by just using images. (Tip: Don’t use this as a way to push the same product over and over again. Your followers will likely get irritated with spam-like captions that aren’t offering any valuable information to them!)


Remember when we mentioned ‘engagement’ when discussing geotags? This is a HUGE aspect of creating a successful Instagram strategy. You can’t be passive in your approach to this platform. Engagement is where all of your Instagram strategy comes together.

Hashtags and geotags can be searched! You should be searching your own hashtags and geotags daily and engaging with users who are using them. See a photo you love? Comment and let that user know! Did someone check into your favorite restaurant? Comment your favorite dish! (Tip: One of the most important things to remember when engaging with other users is to always be authentic in your approach!)


We know what you’re thinking. This sounds SO time-consuming. We aren’t going to lie to you and say it’s the easiest thing in the world, but there are certainly ways to make this platform and strategy a little less daunting.

One of our favorite tools, Planoly, allows you to plan out your feed ahead of time. You can upload your media, add captions, hashtags, tag people and preview what your feed will look like, all on one platform. It’s genius! Sitting down and planning your posts ahead of time will make this much less time consuming for you in the future.

For more tips and platforms to help increase your everyday productivity, check back here next week for our 5 Apps to Help Boost Your Productivity!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. However, we would never list a product or service that we didn’t stand behind 100%!

What do you struggle with most when it comes to Instagram? Share with us in the comments, we’d love to give you additional advice!

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